What haute couture is within the field of fashion is presented by RONA TILGNER in the field of jewellery. These combine art and craftsmanship, representing the most coveted form of luxury at this time: a treasure for me alone. Alongside the existing collection, I also produce personal one-offs specifically to your requests. Naturally, the custom-made necklaces, rings and brooches are created precisely to your specifications, in your dimensions and materials of choice, together with all of the details discussed. The task of finding matching gemstone colours is itself one of shimmering enjoyment.

We co-operate closely from the very beginning, creating something very personal. At the end of the process is an individual one-off, created according to a painstakingly drafted sketch. This drawing is handed over to you together with the item of jewellery – underscoring the bespoke experience.

Whether these are pieces with which you are celebrating a particular milestone in your life or ones destined to make a major appearance unforgettable: you have become the owner of a work of art that is part of your life and your personality.

Rona Tilgner Schmuckdesign München |  Impressum

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